Cold weather gets closer; NJ's 21 counties are planning #CodeBlue. What homeless should know..


#CodeBlue is for homeless and shelters to help during cold weather events

On May 11, 2017, the Assembly approved legislation (A-815) mandating mandating all 21 counties in New Jersey establish a Code Blue Alert Program. In complying with this new statewide initiative, the Bergen County Office of Emergency Management has developed a comprehensive Code Blue Alert Program throughout the county’s 70 municipalities. Bill A815 Says that the public must be notified during #CodeBlue events..

This program allows for the sheltering of homeless individuals when the temperature is predicted by the National Weather Service to be 32 degrees or lower with precipitation, or to be 25 degrees or lower without precipitation, or to have a wind-chill of less than 0 degrees or less for two hours or more.

According to the Assembly measure, this is required for any municipality having a documented homeless population of more than 10 people.

The Bergen County Office of Emergency Management has collaborated with numerous county and municipal agencies to make this program a viable option to keep at risk individuals out of harsh environments. To obtain more information or to help a homeless individual, please call 201-753-7762. Bergen County Homeless hotline is 1-888-3-BERGEN.