Carver Park area; juveniles have been using a ruse to get money and other things from area park goers.


(Photo-Google earth)

The 4-6 year old goes up to people in the Carver park area asking "Have you seen my sister?

Then tells a story trying to get money. She is about 4 foot french braids with beads. Sometimes alone and sometimes w/ other kids as well as her brother watching from a distance. She has been know to try to get money in other ways. Usually in the park UN-attended by any adult after dark. Also known to the same in surrounding areas during the day time. If you see any child after dark alone wondering the streets you should notify the parents or authorities according to Dyfus.

Do you utilize your local Library? "Meet the Social Work intern"


"Meet the "Social Work Intern"

Ask the Social work intern, it's free and there are many resources at Johnson Pub. Library:

Hackensack, New Jersey- Do you utilize your local Library?

Johnson Public Library - Hackensack, NJ- "Meet with a Social Work Intern!" Stop by & speak with her or schedule an appointment about-community resources, resume building, college information, life planning, counseling "family, group or individual",& more. #JPLHeretoHelp

For more of our resources Click HERE

Check out their Face book page

Hispanic Heritage Month Celebrated at Council meeting; Highlights...

hispanic heritage month hackensa ck oct.jpg

L-r; Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Pablo Spadavecchia, Reverend Soto

Town council and Mayors honor The Hispanic community for...

Their contributions back to the community! Pablo Spadavecchia owner of Choripan Argentinian restaurant at 10 Sussex Street, which Pablo has given back to the community in so many ways from opening the door to first responders and other town workers when winter weather strikes and opens his doors for free hot meals on Thanksgiving and other events for homeless and thoughts in need!

Rev. Soto who leads the Ebenezer Church located at 169 Hudson Street runs an outreach for homeless and serves up free community breakfasts on Saturdays. There were many other active community members; Mayor LaBrosse said at the meeting that Hackensack is not only Diverse but every group unites in their own way with giving back to the community and the Hispanic community is no different, Deputy Mayor Catastrino said nights like these make the council meetings exciting! Reverend Soto Also said after the meeting that even thought one of her locations is moving that she would continue to give back to the community in need! Deputy Mayor sims said "It's important to recognize the contributions made by these citizens."

While Hackensack converts main & State street....


While very difficult for pedestrians to navigate...

While construction on Main & State street in #Hackensack is going on, walking and navigating can be dangerous on State street. Areas on State street have no sidewalks plan alternate....

Councilwoman Deborah Keeling-Geddis Questions mailer to Selected Hackensack Residents


Valentines Day Night at the Hackensack town council meeting some residents asked about a mailer that .

At the Hackensack town council meeting While residents asked about a mailer that some received, Councilwoman Deborah Keeling-Geddis was upset saying she felt that she was left out of the process and echoed what a resident said-that political promotion should no be on the tax dollar. She claimed that Visions media the town pr firm put out this flyer without her even knowing or having any involvement in it. Mayor John Labrosse commented and said that It happened in the passed many times as well as having a passed mayor in a news paper 26 times. For the full comments You can see in the full town council video on YouTube or you can watch the portion with this discussion.... CLICK HERE to see Excerpt of the video!

here is the full video

Rev. Toney E. Jackson, Sr. of new Hope Church is awarded....


Rev. Toney E. Jackson, Sr. of New Hope church was honored Monday night for his lifetime achievement at Team Hackensack's annual meeting & dinner at Mount Olive. Assemblyman Gordon Johnson gave the award signed by Senator Loretta Weinberg & Assemblywoman Valery Huttle as well. The Reverend has been serving hackensak over 30 years..

Residents of Hackensack came together for the event and celebrated accomplishments which included the sanitation department which the town wanted to privatize. Also a donation group called "help Our Own" which collects new items for various shelters and genteelly used coats for homeless. It was asked of Everyone if they had any issues which they thought could be worked on in town or what improvements could be made and are asked that they contact "Team Hackensack" when ever they think something needs hanging or improving.

Team Hackensack click here

Team Hackensack web site click here

We cannot afford to loose another mental health Service provider...

save on ouw own cover story  2016.jpg

photo from left to right; Judy & Chrissie at River mission Christmas dinner then "The Fine Tuners" playing at On our own Wellness Center holiday dinner at Christ church

"On Our Own " Wellness Center will be shutting down their Hackensack location..

If our drop in center does not find a location in hackensack then some will have to go to other locations said a representative from Collaborative support programs of NJ ( They also stated that they are definitely open to moving to another space in hackensack when we mentioned to them that their location is the hub of the county. On Our Own wellness Center is located at 179 Main Street and is very hard for disabled people to get to since it is upstairs. They also stated.

One of the members that used to work there told us that they were concerned about community members that work there, what they would do. many volunteer there and many other Organizations and churches like Christ Church and The River homeless mission have hosted them for some of the many community holiday meals. On our own is partially funded by Bergen County under mental health. it is mainly funded by state. It is a necessity in Hackensack. The company says that they are open to moving but have had a hard time in the past looking in Hackensack.

Right now in Hackensack, the county seat, during the day it is limited where people can go and attend self help groups like Spirituality, anger management, and woman's group and many others . a place for many to go to work on the computers to get jobs. In the winter a warming center, in the summer a cooling center. People sometimes go to the library and the Bergen county housing health and human services center but are limited sometimes in where they can go other than walking the streets. "On our Own wellness Center" had in recent years, changed their name from "On Our own Drop in center" to On Our Own wellness Center because it id just so much more than a place to hang out! if you want to help you can contact them directly : (201) 489-8402 or:

What you can do to help besides contact them with ideas and places that are handicapped accessible in Hackensack. And you can email us as well at .

Monday July 11, 2016 911 call of a suicidal man...

police hack car.jpg

at 530 am after 911 call to a 67 year old man's residence officer Herrmann and Sargent DeLeon entered the mans residence , found the man with a smith and Wesson 357 to his chest while being distracted Sargent DeLeon was able to take the weapon away from the suicidal man and was taken to Bergen Regional for Psych eval.

Paul Nichols the Creator of Bergen Dispatch Passed away.......

(Photo: Face Book)

paul bergen dispatch fb pic 2016.jpg

Creator of Bergen Dispatch; Paul Nichols..

At approximately 3 AM Thursday morning Hackensack police were patrolling 411 Hackensack Avenue in the parking lot and according to Captain Coffee said they found a man Outside of his car he was already dead when they approached the White dodge Caravan with the door open as if he was about to enter or exit the Vehicle. Hackensack police also told HRG that They did not suspect foul play at this time. According to sources the cause was a tear of the aorta .

Paul Nichols started the online news paper Bergen dispatch, he has a son a daughter. Tom a friend of Paul's told us he was shocked to here as well as many community members and church goers that saw Paul on a regular basis. Paul Nichols went to church regularly and was a part of the BC NAACP as well as a Veteran of the US Army..

Visitation at the Parow Funeral Home, 185 Ridge Road, North Arlington on Monday, June 20th from 4 to 8 P.M. In lieu of flowers please make donations to the River Mission at the Second Reformed Church 436 Union Street, Hackensack, N.J. 07601" the family has asked.

Hundreds came out to Hackensack City Council meeting; privatizing....

cover for the hackensack city council meeting.jpg

Tuesday June 14, 2016 Hackensack town council meeting, over two hundred and fifty residents came out and spoke about many loosing jobs if the town privatizes their sanitation department. Residents say it's going to put many out of work and the town says it will save hundreds of thousands of dollars by contracting out. The town insists that the workers would have jobs with the companies that would bid for the job. Residents say there can't be a guarantee that all the employees would have jobs.

A couple speakers,; Assemblyman Gordon Johnson as well as : NAACP of Bergen County 's president Anthony Cureton stated: “We will stand here every meeting to make sure these individuals are heard". Many stood outside because the code allows only for 210 people. It was on the minds and took up most of the meeting but a couple of Hackensack Police officers spoke publicly about pay disputes.

It was time for the council and Mayor to Speak. Mayor and Council stated that they were just looking into it and wanting to analyze the bid proposals. Deputy Mayor Vowed that they would make sure residents were in the loop when the findings are released in August.

According to MEVO Org. ; local Community Garden has high lead....

Mahwah Environmental group who had started the community Garden in hackensack has been abandoned because...

communnity garden wont grow due to high lead count according to mevo.png

MEVO who had teamed up with Chance Youth Development Organization to grow a community Vegetable garden in Hackensack NJ had wondered why all he plants have died. Well according to MEVO for now they are not sure what to do because of high levels of lead and according to Mevo's director they will try to fiure out a solution bu for now they say nothing will grow there.

NJ Friendship house honors Jack Doyle with a retirement party.......

jack doyle.jpg

Jack Doyle of NJ Friendship house receives awards at his retirement celebration....

Many Guests including Freeholder Joan Voss and Assembly man Gordon Johnson gave Jack Doyle awards including the Access award and achievement award. One of the programs that Friendship house ran during Jacks time at the Organization is at Newark Airport cleaning the windows in the FAA;'s highly secure control towers. As jack explained in depth how hard it is to get into the tower and all the security clearances they have to go threw. Friendship house is also partners with Housing, Health, and Human Services building in hackensack where they have the janitorial contract. If you want to know more about friendship house please visit their website at:

Retired DEA agent speaks at town hall meeting- the Heroin Epidemic; awareness & Education

Retired DEA agent Douglas Collier speaks to parents at town hall meeting...

At the auditorium at Hackensack High School, Retired Agent Doug Spoke to parents about their kids and drug abuse.

"What Does a Drug addict look like" he asks! Some parents identified with the stereotypical answers but were clear that "It could look like you, or me, or anyone of our kids". to have a son or daughter who is an addict is not a family disgrace; anyone can recover like any other illness.

Starting out with the basics of opioid drugs. Drugs called "Scheduled drugs" . "Where does it start" Well it starts usually with parents and kids and adults are prescribed every day for pain. We are a society of "Cure-all pills". We need to use the pain pills then need something better. Heroin is cheaper than pills on the street and it's important for parents to keep pain pills locked up and properly dispose of them if unfinished. The heart of it is One; education, Two Awareness, and Three; Speak with your kids and interact with school guidance counselors, Know the resources and learn the signs! There are many Agencies and programs in Bergen county that can help and they are free for most. If you know someone who has an addiction HERE ARE THE RESOURCE LINKS:

(Note- if you are in crisis please dial 201-262-HELP

or in need of services dial 211)

Bergen County office of addiction Services:

Care Plus addiction Services:

Bergen County official "Stigma Free Zone":

Bergen County Family guidance:

There are meetings of NA and AA all over Bergen County; support your kids in recovery Check out our recovery web site and you can always call 211 for any addiction services you need.

Many additional resources on our web site:

The Blizzard of 2016 is still Causing major problems....


Even in Hackensack plows had a hard time getting around and motorists are urged to stay off roadways during the whole weekend. Over two and a half feet of snow fell. Bergen County OEM urges residents to shovel around fire hydrants and look after neighbors and the vulnerable. The Center= housing health and human services building at 120 south river street encouraging homeless to come over for the "Sit up Program"

Governor Christy urges homeless to go to shelters or go to the local police to get them to safety.

Never Alone Again (N A A G) A Domestic violence Organization....

N A A G OCTOBER 2015 -Domestic Violence Awareness; Here Theresa 's Story of HOPE!..

Domestic Violence Awareness Month is coming to an end! At foshini park in hackensack; Theresa F. Johnston Founder of Never Alone Again Domestic Violence Organization are getting ready to release purple balloons for Domestic Violence Awareness Month! Some N.A.A.G. Supporters came to the park this morning with purple balloons and attached notes of hope to people in need! Theresa F. Johnston Talked about her story about domestic violence and how she started her Organization; About being abused, and the physical and emotional scars they left-She knows that her experience is a gift that will lead her to others who are suffering. After attaching the notes; "We hope that these balloons find the ones that need hope the most" Although the month is over Domestic violence happens all year around and spreading the word to anyone in need. For information on NAAG you can go to their web site-

for more information you can also email

Staff writer

Photos courtesy Paul Nickels

12108164_1922459617978566_1299479841109427578_n (1).jpg

A man was shot in Hackensack while police were executing a Warrant..

Hudson County prosecutors had putout a warrant on a man believed to have killed a young mother and child. On Clay street by Railroad ave. Hackensack police had encounters the wanted double homicide fugitive in a house. When police entered, the man lunged at the officers with a knife and one officer shot the man. both were taken to Hackensack medical Center both are listed in good condition!

A man was shot in Hackensack while police were executing a Warrant ..


DID YOU KNOW Disney & Red Cross has teamed up at New Hope Church...


Disney & American Red Cross has teamed up and was at ...

New Hope Church on First St Hackensack on July 14 th for the "Pillowcase project" Teaching Children about disaster preparedness. This is a National program going around the country teaching people mainly 3 rd to 5 th graders (Although they do have programs similar for all ages) .

Eileen Painter, Manager of Volunteer Services spoke to children about what to do in various situations like fires, earthquakes and explained basic items needed to survive in a fun way for younger children to know how to help themselves and others in situations. If you want to know more about "The pillowcase project" Here is their link:

The Bergen County Red cross are always looking for volunteers in all tasks they perform. you can contact them @ 201-359-7067. They are located in Ridge wood NJ Att.: Melanie

story by Paul Nickels


Young man attacks police in Hackensack.. Suspect dies at Hackensack medical center

DID YOU KNOW Disney & Red Cross has teamed up at New Hope Church...

Hackensack Town council meeting July 7'th ....

A new Deputy City Clerk was sworn in-Regina Angelo! after the resolutions were read and the roll call taken we spoke about Gambling in the parks and how what starts as innocent fun can turn in to serious addiction! After the public spoke, the Police public information officer old us that approximately 4 pm officers did enter a park to check out what appeared to be gambling going on and as a result one person was arrested for an outstanding warrant!

photo's courtesy- HRG News

Hackensack City Council meeting July 7'th Cleaning up parks-arrests were made..


Young man attacks police in Hackensack..

Bergen County Prosecutor at the time could only say that there was 2 shots fired at Johnson Avenue and a knife was recovered at the scene. Hackensack police state that they had no choice but to shoot the knife wielding man. At the corner of Raymond Peralta-Lantigua's Johnson Avenue home, People question; why did the police not use other methods like pepper spray but the officer who was a former Paterson Police now a Hackensack police officer had no other choice!

Story HRG News

Photo/Paul Nickels




May 21 2015 about 12:30 pm 24 year old Elvin Diaz was shot according to Bergen County Prosecutor Molinelli..

Approximately 12:30 a welfare check requested by Bergen's Probation Dept ended in the police officer shooting of 24 year old Elvin Diaz of 10 Temple Ave in Hackensack NJ.Later Diaz was pronounced dead of his injuries After being taken to HUMC.

Onlookers told us that they had seen 2 people being brought out and into the back of a police car and Diaz came out to the ambulance. Bergen County Prosecutor Molinelli made a statement that Diaz charged the police with a cleaver and they had shoot him.

Local store owners that knew the family told us that they seemed nice but know that Elvin had some problems.

writer-Paul Nickels

Photo courtesy-HRG News

george revcving ltr.jpg

Homeless Veteran receives a special gift

image-0001-vet george the image to use.jpg


At a local church last night where "Operation Chill out" ( )donated backpacks for homeless Veterans, a Homeless Veteran Sargent received a back pack full of gifts and a very special thank you from a young girl! The Veteran who wishes not to have his name published but said it was a nice picture was very touched and held back tears. He told us "this is the first time i have been acknowledged and thanked for his service by someone he never met"! He explained humbly "I'm not a hero, the heroes are the ones that Died in the Battlefield"! After the service many told him "YES you are a hero!!"-Thank you for your service! Another Veteran after the service explained to him how he can get some funding as long as he gets his dd214. He was really touched by this letter that he got in his special backpack from this young girl who he never met!

story by Paul Nickels

Photo by HRG

LOST DOG ...ELDERLY LOST THEIR COMPANION ..500.00 REWARD...Keep your eyes out lost dog. $500 reward. Lost

$500 reward. Lost dog Brown Pomeranian (not the one in the photo) While details are unclear, recently an Elderly person in the area between Hudson and River street not to far from the Bergen County Jail this person's dog jumped out of the car and ran off. this elderly person was really upset and the Hackensack police are ASKING FOR THE PUBLIC'S help in returning this dog to it's owner. IF YOU FIND THIS DOG PLEASE CONTACT HACKENSACK POLICE AT 201-646-7777. THERE IS A 500.00 REWARD FOR THE RETURN OF THE DOG!!!


Major Accident on River street Hackensack Witness/Good Samaritan explains...

Major Accident on River street Hackensack Witness/Good Samaritan told us that he heard a loud smash approximately 7 pm last night. He states " i saw a white suv driving south on River street and plowed into the back end of a compact car and the car spun about 3 times into the side street E. Broadway." about 6 cars behind was a Woodland Park Police car and a Sargent also jumped into action, checked for injuries and the drivers of each car were taken to local hospitals with back and neck injuries.

story by Paul Nickels

Photo by Paul Nickels



Approximately around 7 pm the grid covering Hackensack River Street the power was cut off-P.S.E.&G. tells us that workers accidentally broke something while trying to make repairs.

Hackensack police acted quickly and responded to major intersections from Court street to Kansas Street and further South. with temperatures in the negatives, P.S.E.& G. restored power within about 35 minutes. Many residents have electric heat in the area and the volunteer ambulance corps were out not only looking to bring homeless to safe places but also to make sure residences were ok. all the county buildings in the area had their generators running and then the power went back on.

story by Paul Nickles

photo by HRG


Bergen County police and other Departments getting ready For New Years-DWI check points

Bergen County police are taking no chances with New Years approaching! DWI check points will be all over the county. Taxi's will be busy this year for the smart revelers. Police will be out in force looking for anyone behind the wheel that has been drinking. During last year’s effort, police made 170 DWI arrests in Bergen County. AAA tells us that Bergen County has many areas where the roads that are most likely to be targeted because of various conditions like; rt 202, 208 & back county roads that are dangerous under normal conditions. .08 is the (BAC) for NJ. "Your best bet is to have fun but don't drive if you know you are going to be drinking" a Fair lawn police officer tells us.

As well as DWI's police will be looking for people walking under the influence. Pedestrians that are intoxicated will be stopped as well. Last year according to NJSPD 19 pedestrians were killed in Bergen County alone.

story by Paul Nickels

teen shlter.jpeg

Homeless teens have a better safe haven in Bergen County

Good news for teens in need in Bergen county and for any homeless runaway in need. Teterboro shelter uses federal grant to expand access for children in need.-Spurred by a by a three-year, $462,000 federal grant, the shelter has rolled out a new intake process under which homeless teens and runaways can get the basics — food, a shower, a change of clothes and a place to lay their heads— then worry about notification and authorization later.

County of Bergen Department of Human Services

Division of Family Guidance Bergen’s Place

200 North Street Teterboro, NJ 07608

(201) 336-3951

Fax: (201) 336-3965

story courtesy fios1

Photo courtesy-staff


Our local CFA Needs our community's help

For thoughts of you that can One Bergen plaza in Hackensack is taking food donations that will be given to the local CFA (Center for food action)- to provide food for the needy in the northern Bergen County area. we know most of us have a hard time with food and they keep cutting food stamps but if you could pass this on to maybe someone that you know has some extra food too donate that would be great! (Photo Courtesy of HRG)



THANKSGIVING NORTH NEW JERSEY- From HARLEY'S PUB, to Eva's Kitchen in Paterson; SENATORS, FAMILY PROMISE & 211 JOIN TO SERVE TURKEY. In north NJ Bergen and Passaic county Senator Cory Booker serves turkey at Eva's in Paterson, meanwhile-In the a.m. Mr. Patrick Harley opens his pub to feed many homeless and giving out clothing. Senator Menendez, Tommy from serving dinner at Christ Church was nice to give so much. from the turkey soup, the shrimp cocktail to turkey and all the trimmings, along with Kate of Family Promise they all worked together going back and forth from the Church to the Bergen County homeless shelter serving well over 1,000 meals. what a great job they all did. We even caught up with Tommy of 211 & Senator Menendez taking a break talking turkey!

story by HRG

Photo courtesy- Paul Nickels

undersherf swarn.jpg

New Under Sheriff is sworn in at the Bergen County Justice Center Jan. 2'nd

George Buono was sworn in on Friday by Sheriff Saudino as the new Executive Under Sheriff while His family stands by his side.

hackensack wins.jpg


Hackensack comets win 75 to teaneck 57 after naming the Basketball court after the late Mel Henderson (the first African-American Head basketball Coach in Bergen County)- "Coach Henderson's legacy still lives on. He made such and positive impact on so many of us" says a FB friend.